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Below are some of the companies that I have worked with as a Copy Writer and/or Technical Writer.

Just a quickie:  The content I’ve created for these clients may not be live, or may have been fiddled with after it was supplied. If you would  like to see more samples of my work 

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Senior Technical Writer/Copywriter

Design Solutions USA

“Kay is our go to. She is the most professional, reliable and quick witted writer we have worked with.”

“Kay has a knack for simplifying the most complex issues and expressing them in words that anyone can understand. In addition, she is so organized that each job is a breeze. That is why we have worked with Kay for years and will continue to recommend her to anyone in need of great writing.”

Steve Kemp

Product Management, Design Solutions USA

Copywriter/API Technical Writer

Business One

“We chose to work with Kay because we love her hype-free yet effective approach to writing copy.”

“She was a true professional to deal with and I appreciated the systems she has in place to manage each project to completion. We’ll be back and will definitely recommend Kay and her services to others.”

Dale Beaumont

Founder and CEO, Business One

Systems Administrator/Technical Writer

Broken City

“We decided to work with Kay because of her wealth of knowledge and experience.”

“She began as our Systems Administrator, but after seeing examples of her work, we were convinced that we needed her help to convey our value proposition and to increase our customer conversions. Aside from great content, the best thing about working with Kay was that we were always learning new things from her. She was an extremely valuable asset to our company.”

Gabby Union

Broken City

Copywriter/Technical Writer

Host Daddie

We chose Kay because of her fabulous style and absolutely perfect understanding of SEO along with her writing ability.

“Kay recently wrote some fresh copy for my website’s home and about page. I chose Kay because of her fabulous style and absolutely perfect understanding of SEO. The best thing about working with Kay was her consistent punctuality and reliability. Kay is a wonderful writer who I won’t hesitate to come back to when needed. Thanks a bunch Kay!”

Kamil Harden

Host Daddie

Web Designer/Copywriter

Luxury Real Estate

She is friendly and down to earth and there is not a lick of ego to battle with.

“We recently engaged Kay to work with our agency, to help create fresh, SEO content for our new website. She also gave our site a bit of a face lift as well. Our original site was a little outdated and our copy was long winded and littered with technical terms, making it very hard for users to digest. For the new site it was really important to keep copy simple and conversational, while also making it SEO friendly.

Kay was fabulous to work with from start to finish. Not only is she incredibly knowledgable on all things from writing to SEO and web design, but she is also willing to share this knowledge and passion with you. She explains all her reasonings behind the way she approaches the project and its benefits. She is also willing to adapt her preferred way of working to suit client timelines and turnarounds. I would not hesitate to recommend Kay to anyone wanting a fabulous copywriter and designer. It will be a great investment!”

Mardi Cavana

Luxury Real Estate


Beckford Properties

Kay nailed the brief from the get go.

“After working with Kay on projects before, I had no qualms about engaging her to revamp the copy on our new website. She was spot on with the copy and also helped us nail down the site structure so content could be consumed in a logical and digestible way. The end result was the delivery of engaging, rich, SEO optimized content that that has done wonders in improving the website’s performance. Thanks Kay!”

Lex Holcomb

Beckford Properties

Just a quick note: For a full list of clients and there information, please contact me. No company needs are too big or too small for us. I do it all…


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